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Sarisha Moon Dust Exfoliating Mask


This powerful blend of nourishing clays, adaptogenic herbs and exfoliating fruit enzymes blend together to provide a transformative skin treat. Add a flash of radiance to the skin, and provide an instant brightening boost to...

UpCircle Safety Razor


Offering a chic alternative to disposable plastic razors, the UpCircle Safety Razor offers a smoothier, silkier shave with reduced irritation. Feeling luxuriously weighty, the razor gives a clean shave and be used all over the...

Sarisha Eau De Rose


If you're struggling from perfume overwhelm, step away from heavy & cloying mass-market scents and reach for the Sarisha Eau De Rose. Delicate and subtle, the perfume is ideal for those who are also sensitive...

UpCircle Green Mint & Lemongrass Hand Wash


Keep hands cleansed, fresh and smelling great with the Green Mint & Lemongrass Hand Wash. Peppermint refreshes and lemongrass oil adds a little zest, making this in an indulgent treat to upgrade your skin with.  Key...

Sarisha Love U Body Oil


Envelop your body in silky soft hydration, head to toe with the Sarisha Love U Body Oil. The divine blend of oils helps to moisturise, soften and deeply nourish the skin. Offering a rich blend,...

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