The Persephone Team’s Plastic-Free Favourites

The Persephone Team’s Plastic-Free Favourites

Here at Team Persephone, we’re all massive tree huggers!

Each one of us is truly passionate about the planet and how we can do our bit to save it. That means that we’re always on the lookout for earth-first products that are brilliant for the skin and for the environment.

Since Plastic Free July is officially upon us, it seemed only right that we sit down and share our favourite products that also happen to be plastic-free!

Laura’s Favourite: Kind2’s The Restoring One Conditioner Bar

“Conditioner bars that work are hard to come by. Trust me, I’ve tried my fair share!

However, The Restoring One from Kind2 works absolute wonders, adding a big hit of hydration. Its mix of coconut oil, argan oil and Vitamin B5 helps to leave my mane softer, shinier and deeply nourished. That’s why I use it every single time I wash my hair and can’t see that changing any time soon!

The fact that Kind2 bars are low-waste and totally plastic-free is an incredible bonus.”

Chris’ Favourite: Neighbourhood Botanicals’ I Was A Teenage Hand Model

“This hand balm is an absolute daily essential for me. Inline with Neighbourhood Botanicals’ usual luxury feel, this balm is a rich and thick texture that deeply hydrates the skin. However, it doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue, meaning I can get on with my day straight away!

I make sure to keep it close by for whenever I feel my hands getting dry or irritated and it does the job straight away.

It comes packaged in tin, an infinitely recyclable material, making it even better.

Beth’s Favourite: UpCircle’s Safety Razor

“Until a few years ago, I hadn’t even considered how wasteful shaving could be. Whether you use completely disposable razors, or just throw away the heads, that’s a lot of plastic over the years that isn’t recyclable and ends up going to landfill.

That’s why making the switch to a reusable safety razor was one of the best eco moves I’ve made.

Unlike traditional razors, only a single blade is removed. This can be recycled as recycling centres.

UpCircle’s razor is by far my favourite I’ve tried, giving a super close shave and looking more than adorable on my bathroom shelf!”

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