Offering a chic alternative to disposable plastic razors, the UpCircle Safety Razor offers a smoothier, silkier shave with reduced irritation. Feeling luxuriously weighty, the razor gives a clean shave and be used all over the body - it's unisex, as well. When the blade has dulled, simply replace using the refill.  

Key ingredients:

Chrome is heavy duty enough to last for years and it's plastic-free!

How To Use:

Before first use, carefully unscrew the handle and insert the blade before reattaching securely. To shave with, place the skin under running water or submerge - you can use a shaving oil or gel if you'd like. Gently place the razor against the skin, letting the handle do all the work for you. Glide razor head over skin and shave in the direction of hair growth. 

Shaving just became a whole lot more enjoyable with the UpCircle Safety Razor. A chic, sustainable, economical and covetable bathroom upgrade? We're sold. If you're looking to minimise your plastic consumption, then a reusable safety razor is what you've been looking for. Keep the razor for years and simply replace the blade when needed. 

Skincare that works for you and the planet? UpCircle has got it covered. By reusing and repurposing used coffee grounds and chai spices, the brand manages to avoid unnecessary waste whilst making beautifully natural scrubs and soaps. Low waste and with maximum results, UpCircle is a new sustainable brand for your bathroom. 


The UpCircle Safety Razor comes with two razors in the box. When the razor becomes dull, simply replace the blade.

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