Summer Skin SOS: The products you need as the weather gets warmer

Summer Skin SOS: The products you need as the weather gets warmer

Whilst there are many things that we love about summer (the weather, margaritas, literally anything pineapple scented) there are also some things that we don’t so much look forward to. Mainly, the impact that it can have on skin!

The weather and lifestyle changes that summer brings with it can often wreak absolute havoc when it comes to the delicate balance of the complexion. Things like sunscreens, sweat and oil buildup can lead to breakouts. One too many dips in the pool can lead to dryness. And we all know what too much sun can do!

That’s why we wanted to offer up our best summer skincare staples, to save your complexion in those “SOS” moments.

How to deal with product buildup in summer

Whilst a lot of us wear less makeup in the summer, you probably see a spike in your sunscreen usage, needing to reapply more regularly. There are plenty of brilliant, light SPFs out there that are perfect for the face (we LOVE Evolve’s Climate Veil Tinted SPF20!). However, it’s still always important to remove product buildup.

An oil-based cleanser is ideal for this. We recommend UpCircle’s Cleansing Face Balm. Made in part from repurposed ingredients, it’s not only planet-friendly, but removes pollutants, makeup and SPF.

That means no more unwanted breakouts!

How to deal with oily skin in hot weather

Hot and humid weather prompts the skin’s oil production to go into overdrive, explaining why your skin type may completely change in summer!

It’s crucial not to strip the skin of moisture though, as this can actually make the it produce even more oil. We know, it’s totally counterintuitive! However, TRUE Skincare’s Balancing Safflower and Basil Facial Oil is carefully crafted to bring balance to oily skin.

Use it morning and night throughout summer for moisturisation, without the greasiness.

How to deal with too much sun exposure

You should be wearing an SPF every day, not just in summer! But we’re all guilty of getting a little too much sun every now and then. Whether you’re blushed or actually burnt, it’s important to rehydrate the skin.

We always keep MOA’s The Green Balm close at hand for exactly that reason. This multi-purpose healing balm unlocks the power of the yarrow to soothe, heal and repair. It’s your new first aid box staple!

How to deal with dry skin after swimming 

Whilst dry skin is typically associated with the colder months, dips in the pool or sea can lead to serious dehydration of the complexion! Thanks to either harsh chemicals or salt, the skin is stripped of it’s all-important oils.

That doesn’t mean that you have to stay on dry land, though.

Instead, invest is a deeply nourishing facial oil, like Sarisha’s Green Goddess Glow Oil. crafted to soothe, calm and nourish every skin type. MOA’s Hello Sunshine Energising Body Oil is great for the rest of the body, also adding a bronze base to the skin.

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