How to use a safety razor

How to use a safety razor

On the quest for a more sustainable beauty routine, there are so many products that can be swapped that it can seem a little overwhelming. We don't think it needs to be - making smart choices as and when you need them is the easiest way. One such easy way is by opting for a safety razor rather than your regular disposable razor. Disposable razors frequently can't be recycled, and the nature of how frequently they're used means that you tend to run through them fairly quickly. A safety razor is a hardier, re-usable shaving option - you keep the razor for years and years and then switch out the blade as and when you need to. An initial investment leads to years of use, and replacement blades cost a couple of pounds. 

What to know about your safety razor

We want to preface this by saying that a safety razor is a serious piece of kit - it has a sharp blade and so it needs to only be used by an adult, responsibly. To get started with your UpCircle Safety Razor, carefully unscrew the head of the razor, insert the blade and reattach. 

Prep the skin before you shave

A safety razor might take a few attempts before you get used to it, so prepping the skin is an easy step. Lathering up with your favourite soap or shower gel allows the blade to glide across the skin; we recommend shaving during a hot shower, as the steam will allow for a closer shave. 

Tips & Tricks

A safety razor is a lot heavier than your regular disposable, and so you can use the weight to help you get a closer shave - there's no need to press or drag the skin. Holding the razor at a 45 degree angle, gently shaving in the direction of hair growth and using small strokes is the most effective way to use. Let the razor do the work for you!

Don't forget to moisturise

Now that your skin is silky soft and shaved, make sure to nourish and rehydrate - we love using a body oil on still-damp skin to lock in moisture. 

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