Healthy habits for healthier skin

Healthy habits for healthier skin

You’ve got your skincare routine all planned out step by step and know exactly what you’re applying each morning and evening. You’re using high quality ingredients and the right combinations. But your skin is still breaking out or getting irritated. Maybe you’ve got a habit of touching your face? Forgetting to remove your makeup at the end of the day? It’s okay, we’ve all been there and done it, but it's time you broke those habits to get the healthy skin you really want. We’re sharing some healthy habits that you can implement to try and replace the bad habits that could be affecting your skin. These can help you get healthier looking skin and the results you want from your skincare regimen. Let’s take a look at some ideas:

Stop touching your face

Did we catch you doing just that? Especially before COVID, I think we can all agree that we would unintentionally touch our face throughout the day. But touching our faces transfers any dirt or bacteria that may be lingering on our fingers and ultimately this can increase our chances of clogging pores or making our skin more susceptible to breakouts. Of course you’re most definitely going to touch your face when cleansing and applying your skincare. During this time it’s imperative that you ensure you have washed your hands thoroughly beforehand so you aren’t mixing any dirt, which can lead to ineffective skincare or simply contribute to the irritation. Similarly, don’t let the dropper touch your face either when you’re applying your serums and facial oils as any bacteria on your face can transfer on the dropper and this will be put back in the bottle, which we don't want!

Whilst we’re on the topic of touching your face, avoid popping your spots and picking at any blemishes! Again, any bacteria that may be on your fingertips and nails can get into the popped pimple, making it worse and lengthening the time it's on your skin. It can even cause acne scars in some cases so it’s best to just leave any blemishes alone when they first appear on your face and let your skincare products do their job at treating them with the correct ingredients. Try using products that are designed to help manage acne, such as the Evolve Rainforest Rescue Blemish Serum or if you’re looking for a facial oil, opt for the True Skincare Organic Balancing Safflower & Basil Facial Oil.

Double cleanse

Don’t sleep in your makeup! This is one of the biggest bad habits that people often have but it isn’t doing your skin any favours. It’s vital to make sure that makeup, SPF and any other products sitting on your face are washed off properly as leftover residue and bacteria can cause problems for skin, including breakouts or worsening oily-prone skin. The same goes for if you’ve just done an intense workout, you’ll have increased sweat on your skin and the longer it remains, the more chance of it causing skin to breakout. In these scenarios it’s advised to double cleanse your skin to ensure skin is getting the proper cleanse it desires. It’s not ideal to use hot water because it can cause irritation, strip the natural oils and lead to dryness. Although splashing cold water on your face every so often does no harm, for example in the morning it can actually help wake you up and it can decrease skin puffiness, it’s recommended the temperature you use is lukewarm for an effective cleanse.

Wouldn’t you agree it feels better to end the day with fresh skin that’s prepped for your evening skincare? We love incorporating the Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt which nourishes skin, leaving it feeling smooth and rejuvenated. It makes a brilliant makeup remover too, easily melting it away as the product is massaged over your face.


It can be tricky getting all the downtime you need when you’re living such a busy lifestyle but it’s essential to get as much sleep as possible (ideally seven or eight hours per night). It’s not only good for our health and wellbeing, it improves our complexion, making it healthier and you may even notice increased natural radiance to your skin when you get the appropriate amount of sleep. During deep sleep, our body’s cells regenerate and damaged cells are repaired too. Getting enough sleep also helps us to wake up feeling refreshed, so go get your beauty sleep. To help your mind and body unwind, we suggest the MOA Dreamy Mineral Soak, featuring lavender and cardamom essential oils to encourage relaxation and alleviate the stresses of the day which can help you get more restful sleep. 


It’s inevitable that we are all going to get stressed now and then and it can be difficult to manage that stress. But prolonged stress can cause numerous problems, one being affecting our skin, it can be aggravated by stressful situations. It’s important to try and take time everyday to de-stress and relax. Everybody has their own unique way of dealing with stress so you’ll have to find what works best for you, some ideas include taking part in breathing exercises and trying aromatherapy. Lavender essential oils help relieve stress and encourage you to unwind, perfect to use at the end of the day. To help manage stressed out skin, try using the Five Dot Botanics Pure Rewind Restorative Mask to refresh dull skin and leave your complexion smooth and supple. The lavender oil soothes and calms skin, all whilst encouraging relaxation when you breathe in the calming aroma.

Invest in natural beauty products

Products that contain chemicals such as parabens and sulphates aren’t good for your skin (or the environment!). They can even trigger or worsen certain skin concerns as the harmful chemicals can irritate your skin. Instead, invest in natural, sustainable skincare (all the products found on our website are) as they use natural ingredients which have multiple skin benefits and are also extremely good for the environment as they are ethically sourced and eco-friendly. Some brands such as UpCircle use repurposed ingredients so nothing goes to waste. 

Wash pillow cases regularly

Dirty pillow cases can be a culprit of acne. You go to sleep resting your face on your pillow cases every night and over time dead skin cells, oil and bacteria are going to build up. To avoid this, it’s important to wash your pillow cases frequently to minimise the chance of breakouts.

We hope these suggestions were helpful to you. If you have any healthy habits you’ve taken up and would like to share, comment them below!

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