The perfect planet-friendly alternative to traditional plastic-based cotton buds - 100% plastic-free and fully biodegradable. The sticks of these buds are made from a sustainable source of bamboo and the tips are made from organic cotton. An essential zero-waste bathroom staple for tidying up eye-shadow or nail polish!


Key ingredients:


Organic Cotton 


How To Use:

Simply glide the bud gently across your skin to absorb makeup or polish. You can also moisten the tips with makeup remover, coconut oil or water.

Note: These are not to be inserted into the ear or ear canal.


Prohibit plastic, and bring in the bamboo! If you want the contents of your bathroom to be plastic-free, then the UpCircle Organic Bamboo Cotton Buds can help bring you closer to this goal. These innovative buds swap out the traditional plastic with strong and sustainable bamboo, and the tips are made from organically sourced cotton. Very smart!

Skincare that works for you and the planet? UpCircle has got it covered. By reusing and repurposing used coffee grounds and chai spices, the brand manages to avoid unnecessary waste whilst making beautifully natural scrubs and soaps. Low waste and with maximum results, UpCircle is a new sustainable brand for your bathroom. 


Bamboo, Organic Cotton 

The UpCircle Organic Bamboo Cotton Buds are a brilliant plastic-free alternative to traditional cotton buds. 

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