We think that what you put in your body matters just as much as what you put on it, and so do the makers of the conscious premium certified organic brand, &Sisters. There are no synthetics, no harsh chemicals and no perfumes. Certified organic by the Soil Association, the cotton is sustainably produced without the use of herbicides or pesticides. 

Healthy for your body, enjoyable to use and highly effective, the Paper Wrapped Naked Tampons® provide you with incredibly comfortable protection that gently fits with your individual contours. The pack comes with sixteen tampons, making this pack ideal for medium and heavy flow days. The cotton core is biodegradable, and the paper wrap is recyclable. 

Meet your chic and sustainable period upgrade, the &Sisters Paper Wrapped Naked Tampons®. The premium certified organic cotton is high-performing and free from any harsh chemicals to give you complete comfort. Offering gentle expansion, an octagonal design for enhance fit and pH neutral cotton, the Paper Wrapped Naked Tampons® give you complete peace of mind during your period. 

Periods are natural - &SISTERS believe that period care should be too. They offer a choice of products that are better for their body, better for the planet and better for us all. It's period care with a conscience!

100% pure natural organic cotton core and thread

The &Sisters Paper Wrapped Naked Tampons® comes with sixteen tampons.  The Medium pack is best suited for medium to heavy flow days. Always use the lowest absorbency for your needs. Please don't flush your tampons!

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