If you're struggling from perfume overwhelm, step away from heavy & cloying mass-market scents and reach for the Sarisha Eau De Rose. Delicate and subtle, the perfume is ideal for those who are also sensitive to alcohol-based perfumes. The sultry blend of essential oils invigorates and uplifts. 


Key notes:

Rose Geranium is the romantic heart of the fragrance

Peppermint Oil brings a note of freshness

Blood Orange offers an invigorating zest


How To Use:

Apply to neck or wrists whenever you'd like a fragrant boost. Our top tip? Roll a little in the nook of your elbow, too, for a long-lasting scent. 

Customer Reviews

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Exclusively available in the UK at Persephone Beauty, the Sarisha Eau De Rose perfume is a truly divine blend of plant extracts and essential oils, designed to give you an uplifting boost as well as imparting a delightfully romantic floral aroma. The rollerball allows you to easily reapply when on the go.

Sarisha (meaning charm and elegance in Sanskrit) specialises in gentle, plant-based and travel-friendly formulations that care for your skin wherever you are in the world. Inspired by the founder's Indian roots and French upbringing, the Canadian-born brand offers you a moment to slow time down and to utterly indulge in self-care. 

Organic JoJoba Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Rose Geranium oil, Moroccan Rose oil, Blood Orange oil, Peppermint oil


The Sarisha Eau De Rose is 100% natural, vegan, hand-crafted and suitable for all skin types. 

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