Ultimate Self-Care Routine

Ultimate Self-Care Routine

There's never been a more apt time to discover your ultimate self-care pamper routine. Something restorative, relaxing and comforting for the days that are a touch too stressful. We've put together our five steps for enjoying your Ultimate Self-Care Pamper Routine. 

Find something relaxing

The act of self-care is an act of nourishing the mind, body or spirit, so something relaxing for you seems like the ideal daily practice, particularly in these stressful times. Whether that's diving into a new Netflix series, finding a new must-read book, listening to a new podcast or following along with a yoga video, find something restorative for you. 

There's got to be some skincare...

In our opinion there has to be some skincare involved in a self-care routine. Taking the time to commit to a daily routine helps to bring a little structure to your day as well as creating a relaxing environment for you to relish in. One of our favourite self-care activities is enjoying a face mask, or two... 

Create a bathing ritual

Does anything scream self-care more than a long & luxurious soak in the bath? Creating a bathing ritual is one way to elevate the everyday occurrence into something truly indulgent. Adding a candle, something to drink (always time to rehydrate!) and simply enjoying the act of bathing can leave you feeling utterly relaxed. Our go-to? The MOA Dreamy Mineral Soak salts. 

Look for some lavender

If you're feeling stressed at the end of the day, look for some skincare that contains lavender essential oil. The ingredient has an instantly relaxing aroma, and the benefits can help you to unwind and de-stress a lot faster. Used in skincare, it's also an excellent anti-inflammatory so skin is left soothed too. Before you start to wind down, a few dabs of the Skin & Tonic Calm Balm applied to the wrists and any pressure points provides an instantly relaxing effect. 

Don't forget to have some screen-free time

Being stuck at home all the time at the moment probably means that we're more likely to be scrolling on our phones a little more than normal. Good for keeping in touch with friends and family, but not the best for when you're trying to relax and unwind. The blue light from your phone stimulates your brain to the point of it keeping you awake so if you're looking to truly unwind with your self-care pamper routine, make sure to leave the screens in another room. 

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