Why Organic Beauty Is So Important

Why Organic Beauty Is So Important

It’s officially Organic September! Run by the brilliant Soil Association, the campaign is created to encourage us to buy food and everyday products that are organic, as well to educate others on the benefits of organic production.

Here at Persephone, we’re all about it.

In fact, we stock a whole host of organic skincare and beauty. That means that whenever you browse our site, you can rest assured that the products you put in your basket haven’t been produced using unnatural fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

Why do we care? Let us break it down...

Organic is better for your body 

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Whatever you put on it will often end up being absorbed. That means that any time you use a product that isn’t organic, things like parabens, petroleum and phthalates can be absorbed by the body. Many of these man-made chemicals have been shown to cause irritation and potentially things like hormone imbalance and even some cancers.

Organic often mean non-allergenic 

Harsh chemicals are often what cause allergic reactions in terms of skincare and makeup. By skipping these chemicals and embracing organic, it’s less likely that the products will be allergenic. Even if you do have a reaction, it will be considerably easier to identify.

Organic is better for the planet 

The fertilisers and pesticides used in non-organic crop production can contaminate soil and make their way into waterways. Plus, they have been found in various food chains, which harms wildlife on a wider scale.

By irradicating certain “pests”, non-organic processes also harm biodiversity, 


Better for the environment. Better for your skin. Better for your body. What’s not to love? Shop all of our organic skincare must-haves now.

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