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Welcome To Persephone Beauty

We're so thrilled to introduce you all to Persephone Beauty; founded by husband & wife duo in an attempt to bring a modern approach to shopping natural beauty. With a shared passion for natural beauty, a lot of trial & error and learning new skills (like mastering the art of reading an INCI list), Persephone Beauty was born to introduce the best brands directly to you. It's natural beauty without compromise. 

Why Natural Beauty?

Natural beauty as a category comes with a lot of confusion; the beauty & skincare community is subjected to regular green-washing, leading to confusion about products. An industry-wide lack of regulation means truly organic formulas and products containing one extract can be treated similarly. We wanted to cut through that confusion and offer a handpicked edit of brands we truly love. Brands that offer innovative and results-driven products as well as formulas that nurture the skin & planet. 

We believe in...

Natural beauty without compromise
Picking products that are kind to the skin and the planet
Only offering products that we love and that we know contain ingredients that meet our high standards.

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