The ultimate guide to vegan skincare: Plant-based options for every step

The ultimate guide to vegan skincare: Plant-based options for every step

Just when you thought Veganuary couldn’t get any more challenging, you remember that it’s not only your kitchen cupboards that matter. Your skincare cupboard counts too!

You’re definitely not alone if diving into the world of vegan beauty seems more than a little bit overwhelming. With sneaky animal products hiding amid ingredient lists and more brands than you can shake a stick at opting for non-vegan formulas, nailing a plant-based skincare regime can be tricky.

But don’t worry. We’re here as your vegan-friendly fairies, with your ultimate guide to every product you need in your routine!

Vegan cleansers 

We offer a whole bunch of brilliant plant-based cleansers here at Persephone Beauty. If you wear makeup, we love this Neighbourhood Botanicals blend, which brings together a powerful mix of oils to nourish the complexion whilst clearing it of dirt and grime. 

However, if you prefer a gel texture, Skin Sapiens offer another brilliant option, which is particularly great for the first cleanse of the day. Its parred back formula is refreshing, without being drying. 

Vegan face scrubs

TRUE Skincare’s Organic Gentle Superfood Exfoliator is a favourite here at Team Persephone. It has a powder texture, meaning it carefully buffs away dead skin and impurities, without irritating the con-lesion. That means a brighter, smoother and more rejuvenated skin, the gentle way!

Vegan face masks 

If you experience oily skin or lots of blemishes, the Five Dot Botanics Pure Rewind Restorative Mask should definitely be added to your collection and used weekly. Vegetable derived Glycerin hydrates the skin whilst pink clay draws out impurities. 

But if serious hydration is what you’re after, Evolve’s Radiant Glow Organic Mask is a gold-coloured treat that will leave the complexion plump and pampered. 

Vegan Face oil 

We love a facial oil here at Persephone Beauty. Like, really love them. 

And we offer a whopping 16 options for you to choose from based on your skin needs! So, for this category, we’ll let you pick 

Vegan Moisturisers 

The Skin Sapien’s Face Cream is our absolute go-to vegan moisturiser. Its hydrating but non-greasy formula is perfect for daily use, acting as a great base for makeup and the perfect way to give your skin a hit of hydration when you first wake up. 

Vegan Toner

It has to be UpCircle’s Face Toner! Not only is it 100% vegan, but it’s made from repurposed ingredients that give your skin antioxidant protection. Add hydration and reduce redness with every spritz.

Green Mandarin Fruit Water is a powerful anti-inflammatory to soothe skin, chamomile helps to fade away redness and irritation and hyaluronic acid plumps.

Vegan SPF 

A vegan essential that you shouldn’t go a day without, no matter the weather! Evolve’s Climate Veil has an SPF of 20 and is targeted at minimising the visible signs of ageing and protecting against UV radiation. It’s also completely reef safe!

Shop our full range of vegan beauty on our site here.

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