The ultimate guide to using natural deodorant

The ultimate guide to using natural deodorant

Natural deodorants have a bit of a bad rep, don’t they?

Chat to a group of people about them and you’re bound to hear the phrase “Oh no, they just don’t work for me!” And it’s true, until recently, natural deodorant formulas were less than impressive. 

However, you’ll be happy to know that a whole host of companies have since come out with brilliant, effective and planet-conscious options that you’re bound to love! As long as you’re clued-up as you make the switch from conventional to natural, you’ll have happier pits in no time.

What you need to know about natural deodorants

The main thing to remember is that deodorant does not mean antiperspirant. Whilst the former helps to keep unwanted smells at bay, antiperspirants stop sweat.

The way that antiperspirants do this is usually through aluminum which “plugs'' the pores. And there’s actually a lot of research to suggest that this is as bad for your body as it is for the environment.

When you make the switch to a deodorant that’s natural then, it’s important to keep in mind that it won’t necessarily always keep your underarm skin bone dry. After all, sweat is normal. And totally healthy.


Why do you detox when you switch to natural deodorants?

Going all natural in the underarm department isn’t always plain sailing at first. You just have to trust us that it gets better!

Your body goes through a detoxing phase as you stop using pore-clogging and synthetic antiperspirants.

During the first week of using your new deo, you probably won’t see much of a difference between when you used a synthetic one. This is because your pores will still be “plugged”. However, throughout week two and three, you may notice a stronger smell and more moisture, as your body attempts to flush out the toxins trapped in your pores.

By week four (perhaps earlier) the bacteria in your armpits will rebalance. You will sweat less and smell better. Your natural deodorant will therefore be enough to keep your pits in tip top shape!

Our natural deodorant faves 

For indulgent formulas that can be wiped onto the underarms, we love Elsa’s Organic Skin Foods. Not only do their products put the work in to keep you smelling fresh, but they offer a whole host of lovely scents. From Strawberry Sundae, to Lemon Ice, they’ve got you covered.

We also adore Evolve’s Cotton Fresh Deodorant Cream, a blend of nourishing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help to leave you feeling confident all day. 

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