The Ultimate Guide to Oily Skin

The Ultimate Guide to Oily Skin

Oily skin can be a real pain, especially in the summer. Not only does it more tricky to apply makeup, but it can also encourage more acne, which only adds to your skincare woes! In this post, we wanted to break down why your skin is oily, as well as our top tips for how to combat it, instead of accidentally making it worse. 

What causes oily skin?

Oily skin is caused by sebaceous glands secreting more oil than is necessary. There are actually a multitude of reasons why this might happen to you, including genetics, diet, hormonal changes or simply that you are using the wrong kind of skincare products. 

This last option is something that we see a lot of with our customers when they do their free skincare consultation with us

How to know if you have oily skin 

It can be difficult to know whether you have dry, oily or combination skin if you’re not an expert. The key things to look out for are a shiny face and pores that are enlarged. You’ll also likely suffer from breakouts.

Tips for managing oily skin

Most people think the answer to oily skin is to completely strip it. After all, you just want to get rid of all of the oil, right?


Oil on the skin is actually an important part of having a good complexion and even helps to prevent premature signs of ageing. Plus, overly stripping the skin encourages the sebaceous glands to produce more oil which completely defeats the purpose.

Here’s what you actually need to be doing... 

Use oils. Yes. Really. 

Like we said, the aim isn’t to completely get rid of oil. In fact, when done right, using oils can help to balance the complexion and slow your skin’s production of excess natural oils. Take the Detox Beauty Oil from Skin & Tonic, for example. This beautiful blend works to treat blemishes and keep excess oils in check, without any greasiness! 

Use a gentle scrub

Scrubs can be a great way to clean the skin and leave it feeling smooth, but you want to be careful not to use something overly aggressive. Instead, choose a product that will not damage the skin, but will simply help to unclog those pesky pores.

True’s Gentle Superfood Exfoliator is a brilliant option. Formulated with finely ground ingredients like coffee, oats and matcha, it buffs away breakout-causing dirt to reveal a glowing complexion. 

Keep your cleanser gentle too

It’s all about gentle products if you suffer with oily skin, so stick to that theme with your cleanser too. Ensure that you invest in something that will actually clean the face of dirt and makeup, without stripping it of any goodness. One great choice is the Neighbourhood Botanicals Acid Washed Foaming Facial Cleanser. The plant-based extracts help to even tone, soothe any irritation and reveal radiantly cleansed skin. 

Consider diet changes

Things like processed foods and cooking oils can contribute to oily skin. Opting for more fresh produce and less fast food could be the key to getting your complexion in check. Sometimes it’s about working from the inside, out!

If you’re looking for more personalised recommendations, be sure to get your hands on our free skincare consultation. We’ll handpick products that we think will solve your skin woes, plus give you 15% off to purchase any of our recommendations!

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