The Persephone Beauty Team's Organic Favourites

The Persephone Beauty Team's Organic Favourites

Team Persephone is made up of potentially the biggest organic beauty lovers out there.

As we chatted about in our last post, we know that organic is better for the skin, the body and the planet, so opting for products that aren’t grown using unnatural pesticides and fertilisers is kind of a no-brainer to us!

To celebrate Organic September, we thought we’d share some of our absolute must-haves in the world of organic beauty. This is great whether you’re just getting started on your journey to more earth and body-friendly cosmetics, or whether you’re a veteran looking for some new recommendations. 

Chris’ Favourite: Evolve’s Hyaluronic Eye Complex

"This Eye Complex is one of the most refreshing products that we stock here at Persephone and I use it every single morning. It fights against puffiness and fine lines, whilst also brightening dark circles.

Plus, with its metal ball applicator, it’s the perfect wake up call after a heavy night or if we’ve been up with the baby!

It contains an organic and cooling mix of tuberose plant cells, cucumber extract and the super hydrator, hyaluronic acid."

Laura’s Favourite: Sarisha Love U Body Oil 

"When I first tried this silky body oil, I knew we had to make it a UK exclusive for Persephone. It’s one of the most nourishing I’ve tried. With sesame seed oil and grapefruit oil, it provides hits of vitamin E and vitamin C, to protect the skin against damage, increase circulation and help to diminish the look of stretch marks.

I use it on damp skin before bed to wake up feeling ridiculously moisturised."  

Bethany’s favourite: MOA The Green Balm

"This balm is a multi-talented skincare saviour that I don’t think I could live without!

It contains the super powerful yarrow plant, which has been used for generations to soothe the skin and heal where necessary. It also contains tea tree, which is a brilliant antiseptic. This means that it can be used to hydrate dry skin, speed up the healing of wounds, treat chapped lips, relieve insect bites, be applied to nostrils to recover from colds and flu and even as a post-shave balm.

That’s why I always have it close at hand!"


Looking for your new organic beauty fave? Shop the range at Persephone. 

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