The minimalist skincare revolution: Meet Five Dot Botanics

The minimalist skincare revolution: Meet Five Dot Botanics

When it comes to skincare, there’s no doubt that it can all get a bit overwhelming.

Countless products. Ingredient lists as long as your arm. Labels that you can’t even understand. It can be very intense!

That’s one of the many reasons we’re so excited to introduce you to Five Dot Botanics, the new brand that has landed at Persephone Beauty and is championing minimalist skincare.

Simple ingredient lists  

Zaffrin and Brian, founders of Five Dot Botanics, launched the brand after asking themselves one key question: Why are there so many ingredients in skincare products?

After exploring they realised that there truly was no need. So, with a mission to create a brand that was truly transparent, they committed to only crafting their products with 5 high-quality ingredients each. A far-cry from the vast majority of cleansers, serums and oils on the market, their curated attitude means that Five Dot Botanics leaves your complexion less overwhelmed.

Prepare to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin, for a healthier and happier glow. 

British through and through 

As an independent British brand, by supporting Five Dot Botanics you’re also opting to support a small business and our local economy. Plus, the brand works with a British formulation team and a British manufacturer, so the skincare you buy really does translate into jobs close to home. 

Putting effectiveness at the heart 

This brilliant brand uses a scientist to craft all of their formulas, meaning that each and every product is sure to get the job done. Their philosophy is simple: “The fewer and better ingredients you have, the higher the quality of the product, which is better for your skin.”

Plant-based formulations

In true Persephone style, Five Dot Botanics are, of course, doing their bit for the planet and the animals. Having secured vegan certification, you can rest assured that brilliantly effective formulas don’t have to come at a moral cost. 

Looking to join the minimalist skincare revolution? Shop the Five Dot Botanics range here at Persephone. 

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