The Best in Luxury and Sustainable Skincare: Introducing Codex

The Best in Luxury and Sustainable Skincare: Introducing Codex

Effective. Sustainable. Luxurious.

Codex is the new beauty brand that has just landed here at Persephone and they truly do tick all of the boxes. Like all of the products we stock, we’ve put them through their paces to make sure they align with our ethical values, as well as packing a punch as far as formula is concerned.

If you’re looking for science-backed skincare, Codex is your new beauty bestie.

High performing skincare

Codex is committed to creating skincare with efficacy at its centre. That means data-driven formulas that are created with pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing processes. They test their products and ensure that every decision made about them is founded on published clinical data, as well as customer satisfaction. 

Their formulations are so clean that they’re technical edible - though they’re much more of a treat for the skin than your tastebuds! 

Transparent ingredients 

They also complete rigorous quality control tests within their supply chain, meaning that Codex knows exactly where each and every ingredient they use comes from. They’ve harnessed the power of healing plants from across the globe, to create transparent but functional cosmetic complexes. 


Of course, like all of the brands at Persephone, Codex has a huge sustainability focus. As well as sourcing only organic plants which therefore promote biodiversity, they use the power of biotechnology and up-cycled materials to complete their ingredient lists. 

Even better, their packaging is carbon negative! That means that it takes more CO2 out of the atmosphere than it emits. Thanks to being made from renewable sugar cane, growing the crops creates oxygen, whilst soaking up carbon dioxide. These clever little tubes are also easily recyclable. 

We’re thrilled to have welcomed Codex into the Persephone Beauty family, as they really are changing the game when it comes to sustainable skincare! To shop their luxury products, check out our selection here. 

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