The Beginners Guide To Liquid Exfoliation

The Beginners Guide To Liquid Exfoliation

What Is A Liquid Exfoliant?

The thought of putting acid on your skin might sound a little scary to the uninitiated but the skin-softening toners contain ingredients such as fruit-derived AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids), and are a gentle and modern way to exfoliate the skin. Whereas traditional exfoliators polish away dead skin cells on the surface, a liquid exfoliant can also get to work beneath the skin's surface. Pores are left fresher, skin is left refined and your complexion is left positively glowing. 

Ingredients To Look For

Glycolic Acid - A great all-rounder for smoothing and refining, you can find it in the Evolve Liquid Radiance Glycolic Toner. 

Lactic Acid - With a large molecular size, this takes longer to be absorbed so it's great for use on sensitive skin.

Salicylic Acid - this is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, so it's particularly great for reducing blemishes and breakouts. 

How Do You Use One

A Liquid Exfoliator is best used on night, swept onto cleansed skin before any oils, creams or treatments.  

Build Up Your Usage 

If you've never used a liquid exfoliator before, then it's probably best to take it easy. Start out slow and see how your skin reacts - it's always easier to add more skincare steps in than it is to calm down irritated skin. The purpose of a chemical exfoliant is to help increase cell turnover and get rid of old skin cells, so it's not necessary to use one twice a day. Once your skin is used to a new product, using it three or four times a week might suit you best. 

Don't Forget The SPF

Once you've added a new exfoliant into your skincare routine, it's important not to forget to use a daily SPF. We recommend using a SPF daily but it's especially important to protect the newly exposed skin - this keeps it healthy and glowing. Although a liquid exfoliant is a handy tool for helping to reduce signs of sun damage it also means that your skin is more sensitive to UVA & UVB rays so make sure to apply some in the morning. We like the Evolve Climate Veil.