Sunny Weather SPF Essentials

Sunny Weather SPF Essentials

 We might be stuck at home, but it's still important to protect skin with a few SPF essentials for daily use. 

Daily SPF is a must

Wearing SPF daily is one of our absolute must-haves. Protecting your skin against harmful rays helps to work towards preventing cancerous cells and preventing fine lines. Everyone at team Persephone wears SPF daily, which is easier than ever with the Evolve tinted climate veil - a morning application protects the skin from the sun all whilst delivering a fresh and dewy tint to the skin. 

Keep your lips safe and soft

Once you've got SPF for your face and your body sorted, don't forget to protect the delicate skin on your lips. Your lips can't produce their own oils naturally, so a balm is one of our daily essentials, but an SPF lip balm also helps to protect against UVA & UVB rays. As the skin on your lips is also one of the thinnest areas, a protective balm keeps them safe and soft. 

Feeling fresh with a hard-working natural deodorant

Of course, one of our summer essentials also has to be a good deodorant to keep you feeling and smelling fresh all day long. An application of the Elsa's Clementine deodorant is a morning essential for long-lasting protection.

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