Summer skincare essentials

Summer skincare essentials

We all love the sunshine and all the happy memories it brings with it but we also want to make sure our skin stays happy; we’ve put together this blog post with our top picks to help you have the sustainable summer you deserve with all the summer skincare essentials you need. When the weather is hot and humid it can be difficult trying to maintain a full in-depth skincare routine so let’s look at some basic necessities.


Cleansers are vital for removing impurities and product build up from the skin. Let’s face it, with the summer months we’re going to be spending a lot more time outside meaning we are more likely to have increased environmental pollutants, daily grime and sweat resting on our skin. It’s important to cleanse skin (sometimes double cleansing is necessary too) in order to remove all the SPF and any other products you may be wearing such as makeup and properly cleanse skin. This not only leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed but it also prevents breakouts which are possible if products remain on the skin for a prolonged time. UpCircle Cleansing Face Balm uses repurposed ingredients so nothing goes to waste, it’s a sustainable staple as well as an essential evening cleanser that easily melts away makeup and SPF all whilst nourishing skin and providing antioxidant protection.

A hydrating face mist gives skin that little boost it may need after spending time in the sun and heat. Simply spritz over face as and when needed throughout the day to refresh complexion. Try the Five Dot Botanics Brighten Up Balancing Face Mist which uses pomegranate enzymes and glycerin (derived from vegetables, meaning it’s vegan friendly) to hydrate, brighten and reveal your radiant skin.

It only seems fitting that our final summer essential for your face is the Evolve Climate Veil Tinted SPF20 which offers daily sun protection against potentially harmful UVA and UVB rays. The formula is non-greasy and leaves a subtle healthy glow whilst it works hard to provide optimal protection and fights off signs of ageing. It contains zinc oxide which is reef safe meaning it is kind to skin and the planet. We love to use the Balmkind Alpine Rose & Lysine Lip Balm SPF20 alongside this as it gets to work on protecting and hydrating lips.


We have a range of natural deodorants available to keep you smelling fresh throughout summer. Unlike traditional deodorants, you won’t find any synthetic ingredients in these and they don’t block your pores, instead they let your skin breathe all whilst neutralising odour. They’re refreshing, long lasting, efficient and there’s a scent for everyone, including sweet scents such as Elsa's Lemon Ice Crème Deodorant or fresh scents like Evolve Cotton Fresh Natural Deodorant Cream

MOA The Green Balm is a versatile must-have during the summer months. It’s an excellent choice for calming and soothing irritated skin. There’s a good chance we’re going to end up having an insect bite or two at some point or spending a little too much time enjoying the sun and having a slight sunburn as proof. This is where this multi-purpose balm comes in handy, it’s a little saviour to instantly soothe skin in times when needed. It features a combination of Yarrow and Tea Tree Oil to heal and repair skin and alleviate any irritation. It can even help provide relief for eczema which can often be tricky to manage during warm weather as the sun can make it more irritated in some people. We really can’t recommend this balm highly enough, it truly is a hardworking miracle. 

With all the time out in the sunshine, it can dry your skin out. Deeply nourish your skin with a hydrating body oil such as the Sarisha Love U Body Oil which is rich in Vitamin E to protect your skin against free radical damage and Vitamin C to boost circulation. This body oil has a blend of oils to moisturise skin and leave it glowing, perfect for that pre and post-sun application.

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