Six of the skincare ingredients to watch out for if you’re doing Veganuary

Six of the skincare ingredients to watch out for if you’re doing Veganuary

Hands up if you’re doing Veganuary.

Now hands up if you started Veganuary, thinking that it would all be about what’s in your fridge and quickly realised it’s not that simple!

Veganism is as much about what goes in your mouth as it is what goes on your skin, in your cleaning cupboard and on your body. It’s about cutting out animal products all together, which extends far beyond food itself.

Don’t worry though, we’re here to make at least one of those categories more simple. We know that navigating vegan beauty can feel overwhelming, so here’s a list of the ingredients to look out for that should set off your “ANIMAL PRODUCT!” alarm bells.


From lip products to hair care, this derivative of sheep wool is everywhere in the beauty industry. It’s used to moisturise, but can easily be replaced by products like shea butter or coconut oil. 


This ingredient is a humectant, meaning it pulls moisture to the outer layer of the skin. However, whilst it can be great for the skin, it is an animal product, often derived from animal fats. Soya and coconut oil are just two brilliant alternatives!


Used to hold other ingredients together, shellac is widely send in the world of beauty, especially in nail products. However, hundreds of lac bugs are killed to make even the smallest amount of the product. 

Oleic acid 

A conditioning emollient used in things like makeup and soap, this ingredient is often unnecessarily derived from animal fats, when it can be found in things like coconut and olives. 


This products is often derived from cow’s milk to add a hit of hydration to hair products and facial treatments. It may also be called sodium caseinate or caseinate on the labels!


Co only praised for its anti-ageing properties, squalene is used in things like moisturisers and lip balms. However, it is extracted from shark liver oil (!). 

It’s worth noting that vegan squalene does exist, so check whether this is clarified on the ingredient list!

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