Simple sustainable swaps this Plastic Free July

Simple sustainable swaps this Plastic Free July

It’s Plastic Free July! This month is dedicated to helping reduce plastic waste, which is a major cause of pollution in our environment.

There are so many products, especially in the beauty industry that use plastic. It is then all dumped into the ocean or landfills, harming marine life and ultimately having a significant negative impact on the planet. Plastic Free July educates people about plastic pollution and offers advice and tips on how to get involved to make a change. One suggestion is to look for sustainable alternatives, so we’re going to make it easier for you by discussing some eco-friendly options for popular everyday essentials, such as dental care and sustainable switches for sanitary items that are much kinder to the environment and you!

Plastic-free swaps

You may be thinking it’s going to be difficult to minimise your consumption of plastic, especially single-use plastics, but we’re here to tell you that it’s actually really easy to do. There are numerous eco-conscious brands that use plastic free alternatives, whether this is specifically a product or the packaging used (always remember that cardboard and glass are easily recycled). Keep reading to find out some of our zero-waste suggestions…

Disposable razors are terrible for the environment. They are created from plastic and aren't easily recycled, meaning they end up in landfills. Try swapping to a plastic free razor, such as the UpCircle Safety Razor. Unlike its plastic counterparts, this razor is better for the planet as it has been designed to last for years.

Did you know it’s estimated that sanitary products are made of up to 90% plastic? Make the change today for plastic-free periods with &SISTERS. They are an eco-friendly alternative and we have a range of their products for you to choose from on our site, from reusable menstrual cups to organic tampons and pads. Their products are entirely synthetic free and non-toxic, meaning they are also healthier for you, as well as the environment in comparison to other period products.

Toothbrushes are another product that are made up of plastic, they usually contain multiple plastics too, making them extremely difficult to recycle. Georganics Beechwood Toothbrush instead uses sustainably sourced wood which can be composted after use. What’s even better is that they pledge that for any tree cut down, a new one is planted.

Single-use cotton pads are non-biodegradable and can have traces of plastic due to synthetics that tend to be added, the same goes for face wipes (unless the packaging clearly states they are biodegradable). UpCircle Hemp & Cotton Makeup Pads are a reusable sustainable swap and make a brilliant addition to your zero-waste beauty routine. They are much better for both the environment and your skin, unlike disposable single-use cotton pads and certain face wipes that can be irritating to the skin and sometimes take hundreds of years to decompose. 

To find all your eco-friendly beauty swaps for your hair, face and body, explore our dedicated Plastic-Free range.

How will plastic-free alternatives help the environment?

By limiting the amount of plastic you use, you’re avoiding contributing to the unnecessary waste that ends up in landfills or the ocean. Reusable and sustainable products are the way forward, they’re better for the environment and kinder to you and your skin. By making even one simple switch you’re creating a positive impact. We hope that our suggestions have been helpful to you and will make the change to plastic-free easier.

Here’s an extra tip for you: once you’ve finished using a product that was in a glass container, why not repurpose it? You can simply rinse out the glass and reuse it.

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