Relaxing practices to sprinkle into your everyday

Relaxing practices to sprinkle into your everyday

Sometimes self-care can feel overwhelming! 

Let’s be honest, we don’t all have time to do a 40-minute yoga practice, followed by a rose-petal bath and then a round of breath work before bed. However, we do all need to ensure that we’re taking care of ourselves both for our physical and our mental health.

That’s why today we’re sharing some simple but totally effective relaxation practices which can easily be incorporated into your daily life. 

Get intentional with your skincare 

If you’re on this side of the internet, you probably already have a skincare routine! 

This is a point in your day when it’s really easy to add a hit of relaxation, simply by getting intentional. As you go through the steps in your routine, from cleansing all the way to SPF, take long deep breaths. Really focus in on the sensations of you applying and removing your products, to create a totally mindful experience. 

Embrace the power of candles 

Thanks to their soft, warm light, candles really do have the ability to signal to your brain that it’s time to switch off!

Simply light one when you get home from work (or close your laptop if you’re working from home!) as a quick way to boost relaxation levels. We love UpCircle’s Soy Candle with Chai Spices for a hygge experience that is as cosy as it is sustainable. 

Switch to night mode 

The blue light from our screens can keep our brain in a constant state of alertness, making sleep harder and true relaxation almost impossible.

Head to your phone settings and ensure that your phone is on “night shift” outside of working hours. That way, your screen will be warmer and kinder to your eyes. Not only that, but it’s a relaxation practice that you won’t even have to think about!

Enjoy a soothing drink 

Whether it’s that coffee that you enjoy in the morning or that glass of wine in the evenings, test the waters with something a little more soothing. Peppermint, chamomile and lemonbalm teas are some great options, with soothing ingredients that will help you find calm.


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