Our Plastic-Free Beauty Bundles: Everything you need for an earth-friendly beauty routine

Our Plastic-Free Beauty Bundles: Everything you need for an earth-friendly beauty routine

We get it. Making your beauty regime plastic-free can feel totally overwhelming. Where do you even start?

Haircare? Cleansers? Body? The list goes on!

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you out on your journey towards beautiful skin and hair, that doesn’t cost the earth. To celebrate Plastic-Free July, we’ve launched three Plastic-Free Beauty Bundles, with some of our all-time favourite products.

Let us introduce you to them...

The Beginner's Bundle - £25

This body-based bundle is the perfect way to get smooth, nourished skin, without the unnecessary plastic!

First up we have MOA's The Green Fairy Hand & Lip Balm is a multi-purpose cult favourite that soothes, heals and repairs. Some of its many uses include treating chapped lips, soothing dry or itchy skin, and relieving irritation from insect bites. 

UpCircle's Cinnamon and Ginger Soap is an everyday morning essential thanks to its invigorating scent! Formulated with repurposed chai spices, it gently exfoliates the skin, to leave it smooth and ready for the day ahead.

Elsa's Sweet Clementine Deodorant is a super sweet natural crème that still packs a punch! Made from a blend of coconut oil, arrowroot powder and Himalayan pink salt, it sinks into the skin whilst neutralising odours and keeping underarms dry.

The Cleansing Bundle - £25

This skincare bundle is the perfect starter kit for getting a glowing complexion that doesn’t cost the earth. In both senses of the term!

Neighbourhood Botanicals’ Konjac Sponge is the most natural way out there to gently exfoliate the skin. Used daily it helps to uncover your natural glow, without any harsh chemicals. Plus, it is completely compostable when you’re finished with it. Talk about low-waste!

UpCircle’s Cleansing Face Balm is oil-based, making it perfect for removing pollutants, makeup and SPF. Its silky texture melts into the skin, leaving it deeply nourished. Plus, with repurposed ingredients, it’s proof that skincare and sustainability can go hand in hand.

The Haircare Heroes Bundle - £25

Last but most definitely not least, this shampoo bundle show that bottles in your shower can be a thing of the past!

Beauty Kubes’ Normal/Dry Shampoo cubes are a brilliant all-rounder. Completely vegan, waste-free and nutrient-rich, these are an alternative to traditional shampoo that really packs a punch. Simply crush 1 kube between your hands in the shower, to form a paste that will leave your locks soft, strong and shiny!

Kind2’s The Hydrating One Shampoo is best for delicately cleansing the hair, without stripping it of its much needed softness. Perfect for dry, colour-treated or frizzy hair, this bar works hard to smooth your mane and make it manageable.

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