Modern Botany: The pioneers in fuss-free personal care

Modern Botany: The pioneers in fuss-free personal care

It is possible to do better.

In a personal care industry where ingredient lists can look like they’re written in another language and when “effective” has become synonymous with “synthetic”, we know that it’s time for change.

And so do Modern Botany. 

Kind to bodies and the planet 

Modern Botany are the newest member of the Persephone family, a personal care brand that harnesses the naturally powerful impact of plant-based ingredients. Each and every one of their formulas is based on botanical science and their founder’s background in pharmacognosy.

That means that their products are 100% natural, safe to use and non-toxic. Just as they should be. 

Not only are their plant-based bio actives sourced responsibly, but 1% of their total revenue is donated to environmental initiatives!


Whether it’s their multi-purpose oil suitable for face, body, hair and nails, or their natural deodorant, Modern Botany keeps things simple.

No unnecessary steps. No confusing labels. Just brilliant products that can fit seamlessly into your daily routine without a fuss!

Shop their capsule collection of products at Persephone now to understand what they hype is all about.

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