Meet Your Mask

Meet Your Mask

There's never been a better time than now to enjoy a face mask or two. One of the perks of self-isolation, and a great conversation starter on Zoom... Not sure which mask your skin is looking for? We've edited down a selection for you, so all you have to do is decide which two things you want for your skin, right now.

Nourished & soothed

We love a multi-tasking product. What's better than when your skincare does all the work for you? Next time you're cleansing, consider leaving a layer on for a few extra minutes so the ingredients can get to work at really treating the skin. When things are feeling a little red or irritated, we turn to Calm Clean from Skin & Tonic, and it works beautifully as an SOS mask, too. 

Clarified & clear

If your skin's erring on the side of sweaty rather than shiny, or you're looking to help purify the skin then a mask designed to clarify the complexion is the one for you. One key ingredient to look for is Kaolin - the clay helps to draw out any impurities, and you'll find it as the base ingredient of a lot of face masks. One thing to avoid is excessively drying out the skin as then your sebum production might just go into overdrive to compensate, which is why we love the TRUE Purifying Matcha Tea Face Mask, which uses a base of oils to actually nourish as it clarifies. Clever. 

Fresh & smooth

Perhaps you've been slacking on your skincare lately, or you want to dip your toes into more of a weekly skincare pamper but you're not looking for anything too targeted? Look for a mask that leaves your skin smooth, and commit to a regular routine. The UpCircle Face Mask uses turmeric oil, which is a natural skin-brightener and all-round hero ingredient. Our top tip? Apply to damp skin fresh out of the shower, for maximum results. 

Radiant & blooming

Dull and listless? If that's describing your skin rather than your mood on a Monday morning, maybe you need a glow-giving face mask for a little boost. A face mask is one of those skincare items that can hook you in with its instant results, and when we want a glow, we want it now. Ideal for all skin types (we can all feel a little drab from time to time), a mask rich in antioxidants and with a little exfoliating power can transform your skin from grey to great. Just don't forget the SPF the next day, OK? Protect your newly glowing skin. 

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