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Summer Skincare, Sorted

As summer (and sunshine!) becomes more and more of a very real possibility, we are taking the opportunity to make some natural skincare switches to ensure our skin is happy all summer long. Lighter textures mean skin feels brighter, and we're relying on our favourite facial mists to cool us down... 

Lighten up

For the perfect prep for day-to-day wear or under makeup, finding skincare with lighter textures is a summer essential. Consider switching to cleansers designed to refresh the skin rather than deeply hydrate as well as looking for nourishing serum that helps to combat against signs of dehydration (common in summer when it's so hot!).  

Don't miss a mist

A facial spray is a must have for cooling skin down in the warmer months. Natural, plant-based ingredients help to feed the skin far more than using canned water. We love keeping the Skin & Tonic Rose Mist in the fridge to use in the mornings to really wake up the skin. Rose flower water soothes any redness or irritation and glycerin hydrates the skin. Portable, it's also a great pick to keep in your bag for on-the-go. 

Don't forget the SPF

Picking a sunscreen with a mineral base means that there are no harmful ingredients, like Oxybenzone which disrupt the regulation of hormones within your body.  Luckily finding a natural facial SPF has never been easier thanks to Evolve. Their brand new Climate Veil is a lightly tinted wash of colour that protects skin against UV rays. Zinc oxide acts as a natural reflector on the skin, as well as it being safe for the reefs and oceans. 

Look for antioxidants

Having summer in the city? Make sure to incorporate some hard-working antioxidants into your routine to protect the skin against pollutants. Look for Vitamin C to brighten the skin and even tone, black cumin seed oil for lightweight protection and pomegranate extract to cushion drier skin types. 

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