How to use a menstrual cup for a plastic-free period

How to use a menstrual cup for a plastic-free period

Did you know that sanitary towels can be made up of 90% plastic? Plus, pads, tampons and tampon applicators alike are all frequently found filling up sewers and polluting our oceans.

Yep. Your period is probably more wasteful than you realise.

If you’re looking to make a switch towards a plastic-free period, a menstrual cup like the Nüdie Cup could be the way to go. Usually made from silicone they are a comfortable, hygienic and completely reusable (!) alternative to more conventional products.

However, we know that using one for the first time can feel daunting. So, here’s our guide to getting comfortable and falling in love with your cup!


How to insert a menstrual cup 

We’re not going to lie to you: Inserting a menstrual cup can take some getting used to, especially if you’re usually an applicator tampon or pad user. It does become second nature over time, though.

To insert a menstrual cup, you need to first fold it. There are many ways to do this and it's important to explore which type of fold works best for you. You can get a great idea of how to do 6 different ones here. A lot of people like to simply fold the cup in half (image 1 from the linked graphic) or to do a punch fold (image 2). 

Once folded, hold the cup firmly so it stays together and then insert it. It will unfold inside of you, ready to catch any blood. 

To make insertion as easy as possible, stay calm to relax your muscles. A squatting position can also help!

It’s important to know that menstrual cups don’t sit as high in your vagina as tampons do. Put it as low as possible, with it still being fully inserted and so comfortable that you can’t feel it. 


How to remove a menstrual cup 

When inserted correctly, a menstrual cup forms a seal inside the vagina to prevent any leads.

So, to get it out, you need to break the seal. Simply pinch the bottom of the cup inside the vagina, this will bend the silicone and release the cup. Then pull the cup out slowly and carefully. The Nüdie Cup’s “pebble” tab makes this even easier. It can also help to “push out” with your vagina muscles as though you’re having a wee!

Remove the cup over a toilet to save any spillages, empty the blood down the toilet and then rinse the cup and reinsert.

The Nüdie Cup can be worn hygienically for up to 12 hours but should always be emptied and rinsed after this time.


How to sanitise your menstrual cup

Silicone is an extremely hygienic material that doesn’t tend to harbour bacteria. This means that menstrual cups like the Nüdie Cup only need to be rinsed between emptying and re-inserting the cup within the same cycle.

However, between cycles and when you first use your cup, you need to make sure that you thoroughly sanitise it. This is quick and easy.

Simply boil the cup in a pan of water on your hob for 5 minutes.

Job done!

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