How to get your skin ready for summer

How to get your skin ready for summer

Summer is around the corner, and we've never been so excited. The promise of warm weather, long sunny evenings, trips out to see friends... Summer 2021, we've been waiting for you. So, how to get your skin ready for summer? We're talking about buffing and smoothing for an extra indulgent step and not about any sort of bikini body nonsense - you have a beautiful body, you're already summer ready.

Add in some sustainable shower upgrades

Cleanliness is next to godliness, right? If you're trying to be more sustainable with your consumerism, then starting with your shower where you spend time every day makes a lot of sense. Spectacular summer steps would include a scrub, to leave limbs silky and as soft as possible. The newly packaged low-waste body scrubs from UpCircle come in a glass jar and contain upcycled coffee grounds crafted to soften your skin. Just rub into damp skin and rinse away. If you want to shave your legs - up to you, boo - then get ready for the shave of your life with the UpCircle safety razor. Crafted to last for longer, the razor lets you have a super close shave and you can be smug in the knowledge you're not adding more plastic to a landfill. 

Layer up on lotion

If you're ready to embrace floaty dress season, then a little prep might just leave you feeling more confident than ever. Enter, the Evolve Sunless Glow Lotion. A hydrating lotion that contains a little tint, an application helps to impart a very gentle glow onto the skin. Not a hint of orange in sight - it's all about the naturally sheeny and shiny glow.

Find your BDE (that's best deodorant ever...)

Summer is a bit sweatier. It just is. No need to worry about it when you have a natural deodorant ready & waiting to leave you feeling fresh. The main difference between a natural deodorant and a traditional antiperspirant is that a deodorant doesn't actually stop you sweating. We think that's OK! Sweating is totally natural and is just your body maintaining its temperature - a little dampness under the arms on a hot day is just one of the fun things about summer. If you're worried about not smelling so fresh look for a product that is designed to leave you feeling drier - the arrowroot powder in our favourite Elsa's Creme Deodorants is ideal for this. The Evolve Cotton Fresh deodorant contains sodium bicarbonate to absorb any moisture, so that's a hardier formula for longer days. If you do crave antiperspirant protection, then the Modern Botany Deodorant is our pick. It cleverly uses witch hazel to minimise pores which reduces your sweat production, naturally. 

Please don't forget your SPF

We talk about it all the time but we can't overstate how important your SPF is. The sun's rays can reach your skin every day, regardless of cloud cover, so it's incredibly important to protect your skin against UV A + B rays. These rays are what can cause melanomas and can fast-track fine lines and signs of damage. Wear your SPF, people! We love the Evolve climate veil and the Balmkind SPF lip balm. Easy.

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