How to get glowing skin, in five EASY steps

How to get glowing skin, in five EASY steps

You want glowing skin but you don't want to have to work hard to get it. We understand. In the pursuit of a perfect skincare glow, we've tried countless products and routines and we've found these five EASY steps that will help you get your glow on... 

Step one - get ingredient savvy

We're going for glow here, so we need ingredients that are going to work with us. We don't want heavy, cosseting creams that are going to sit heavily on the skin. Instead, look for lightweight oils that are easily absorbed by the skin like Rosehip oil (fantastic for promoting healing and fading scars).

Step two - pick your products wisely

Wanting to add more glow to your skin isn't a new concept. There are lots of products claiming to add some serious shine. We do think that our all-time bestseller is better than all the rest though... Trust us. We're talking about Neighbourhood Botanicals The Daily Glow, of course. A regular sell-out on the persephone shelves, our customers can't get enough. We know why! An ultra-potent formula is brimming with plant-based goodness to rapidly add radiance back into your skin. The hero ingredient is Kukui Seed Oil, which contains the three vitamin powerhouses - Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. A helps to regenerate your skin, C brings the glow and E provides antioxidant protection. The Daily Glow boasts a lightweight formula that is easily absorbed whilst it imparts a juicy sheen to skin. Great under makeup and left on its own, we know it's an essential morning step for lots of the persephone beauty tribe.

Step three - embrace facial massage

It sounds gimmicky. It's not. Facial massage is a step you're going to want to add in to your daily routine to get glowing skin. It's a little self-love ritual and it provides real, tangible results, quickly. Best done with a little facial oil to provide some slip, get hands on with your face! I like to do a little facial massage whilst catching up on some Grey's Anatomy at the end of the day. Glass of wine somewhat optional. Add in a gua sha if you're feeling extra indulgent. 


Step four - don't downplay how important sleep is

Like, seriously. Sleep is not to be taken lightly. We have a toddler, and the days following a night of broken sleep always leave my skin looking a little less luminous. Sleep is when your body heals itself, and the more you can get the better. I know more sleep is not always an option - work, children and worrying can leave you lacking. My advise would be to rest where you can, don't forget the all-important power nap (a fifteen minute post-lunch siesta is my sneaky secret) and ditch screens an hour before bed so you can properly unwind.

Step five - get sweaty

Exercise obviously has a load of benefits, but glowing skin? Yeah, sign me up. A HIIT session can boost your circulation and get your blood pumping which brings a little life back into your skin. Bonus points if you finish your workout with an icy shower and a little dry body brushing. 

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