How to avoid dry lips this winter

How to avoid dry lips this winter

Autumn brings many beautiful things. Crisp, crunchy leaves on a brisk walk, limitless hot chocolates, cosy evenings and candles aplenty. One of the drawbacks is that the cooler weather can lead to dry lips - the bane of winter. We're sharing our top tips on how to avoid dry lips this winter to keep your lips happy.

Make sure you're hydrated

One thing I would recommend to almost anyone is to drink more water. It's not groundbreaking advice in the slightest, but it makes such a difference to how you feel and how hydrated your skin is. If you think you're drinking enough, drink a little more. If you know you're not drinking enough, drink a lot more! Then make sure to have a good lip balm that you can use throughout the day. Find one you love using to encourage repeated use, and make sure to reapply before and after wearing a mask. We've edited together our picks of lip balms at the bottom of this post across a few categories - vegan, organic, plastic-free and cruelty-free, depending on what you need.

Do a little maintenance  

In addition to regularly applying your favourite balm, taking a few minutes to pay some extra attention to your lips can leave them feeling supremely soft. One of my favourite methods is to gently exfoliate lips with my face cloth a few times a week, before finishing with a thick layer of balm for overnight. You can also easily use some sugar to make a DIY lip scrub (which you can then lick off!). Make sure to avoid doing any scrubbing on chapped or irritated lips, as the maintenance is best done as a preventative. 

Check your vitamins

OK so we're not doctors and are not recommending supplementing without checking with any existing medical advice... but a lack of nutrients can definitely contribute towards your lips feeling extra sore in the cold snap. A regular multivitamin can make a huge difference to your overall skin health - we suggest looking for vitamin E, as this in particular helps to support barrier function. 


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