Guide To Natural Cleansers

Guide To Natural Cleansers

Cleansers. The cornerstone of any skincare routine, and one of the most important steps in ensuring that your skin is left clean, balanced and clarified. With so many cleansers on the market, it can be a little overwhelming - which cleanser is the cleanser for you? We've broken down the key points in our Guide To Natural Cleansers...

What do you need your cleanser to do?

If you're not a big makeup wearer then perhaps a lighter texture would suit you better, whereas something rich and balmy is effective at quickly removing any product on your skin. Will your cleanser be designed to target a specific skincare concern such as oiliness and be better suited as a 'second cleanse'? It's easiest to determine exactly what you want your dream cleanser to do before you go searching for it. 

Do you need to double cleanse?

If you wear makeup, SPF or live in a city then we would definitely advise double cleansing every night. The first cleanse helps to remove any grime from your face, and then the second cleanse helps to truly treat your skin. 

A guide to textures

Oil - best applied to dry skin, an oil-based cleanser applies like a rich facial oil and is the perfect option if you're looking to indulge in a little facial massage. Oils attract oils, so this option acts as a magnet to help wipe away any oils from the day. Best removed with water and a damp cloth. 

Balm - a more solid texture means that a balm cleanser can be a little neater to apply, although they are typically oil-based just like oil cleansers. Very effective at removing makeup, pollutants and SPF and can be used morning or night. 

Milk - A lighter, creamier texture, milk cleansers tend to be water-based and can be especially soothing on more sensitive skins. They are great for a lighter cleanse in the morning or your second option in the evening as they don't tend to remove every trace of makeup. 

Gel - One of the lightest textures, a gel cleanser is well suited for oilier skin types as they can be very effective at removing oils and sebum from the skin. Refreshing and light. 

Do you need your cleanser to be Vegan?

One of the most common ingredients in balms is beeswax as it has just the right texture to give product a slightly more solid texture. It's also readily available, nourishing for the skin and works well with a lot of other ingredients to finish the cleanser. If you're looking for a vegan cleanser, then make sure to check the ingredients - the UpCircle Cleansing Balm cleverly uses Candellia wax instead to make it entirely Vegan. 

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