Four Simple Steps For Unwinding At Night

Four Simple Steps For Unwinding At Night

When life gets hectic and your schedule is busy, it can be easy to take that stress into your evening with you. However, we are big believers in treating your nights as a time to unwind and relax, not only as a way to practice self-care, but to set you up for a more productive day tomorrow. 

With that in mind, here are our 4 tips for truly finding calm in the evening.

Brain dump your day

Ever laid in bed mapping out everything you need to do tomorrow in your head? Us too!

That’s why we couldn’t recommend this enough: At the end of each day, sit and “brain dump”. Simply write down everything that needs to be dealt with. That way, you can rest easy at night knowing that all of the things you had in your mind at the end of today are waiting for you tomorrow if you need them. 

Make your skincare routine into a skincare ritual

A practical skincare routine is crucial. However, we believe that a skincare ritual is one step better!

To make your routine into a ritual, simply take more care whilst choosing your products, as well as whilst applying them. Enjoy the sensation of replenishing the skin after a long day to make the process more mindful.

Some of our favourite nighttime skincare products are in our Dreamers Bundle, which contains two perfect products for the evening: Skin & Tonic’s Calm Clean, alongside the Neighbourhood Botanicals Dream Dream Dream oil.

Turn off the tech

Research has shown that the blue light from technology like your phone can make sleep less peaceful. Try to switch off all tech at least an hour before bed, to calm the mind and prepare your body for deep rest.

Indulge in a bath

You deserve to have a full-on pamper session, so light those candles and put on that relaxing music. Plus, to add even more relaxation, sprinkle in the Moa Dreamy Mineral Soak, which is formulated with lavender and cardamom to help your body and mind find chill.


Written by Bethany Austin

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