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Persephone's Guide To Facial Oils

To the uninitiated, face oils can seem a little intimidating. The magical little bottles often have big claims and lots of interesting ingredients, so they can overwhelm. It's worth fighting through and trying one out though; their skincare benefits and transformative properties will leave you hooked from the first application. To help anyone interested in face oils on their journey, we've put together Persephone's Guide To Facial Oils...


Firstly, figure out what your skin needs 

Before investing in new skincare products, it's always good to think about the specific needs of your skin and your routine. Is your skin oily and you're looking to treat existing acne scars? Are you time-poor in the morning and want a product that'll do it all? Are you looking for an indulgent pampering product to nourish dry skin intensively overnight? 


Know your ingredients

Once you've figured exactly what you're looking for from your face oil, it's time to think about what ingredients to look for. Oily skins should look for ingredients such as jojoba oil as this does a fantastic job at balancing the skin and sebum production. You can find that in the Detox Oil. Rosehip oil is a popular inclusion in face oils as it has so many fantastic benefits for the skin; the extract is particularly good at soothing the skin and protecting it with antioxidants. You can find it in the Aphrodite Facial Oil. For those concerns with fine lines, consider using squalane oil as this helps to leave the complexion plump and fresh (you can find it in Another Year Wiser).  


Spend some time applying 

One of the best things about a good facial oil is their ability to let you give your skin a proper massage. Facial massage helps to boost circulation, improve overall tone and leaves behind a delicious glow. We recommend applying 3-4 drops of your chosen face oil onto finger tips, as the warmth from your skin helps the product to absorb more effectively into the skin. Then, apply to the face in sweeping upwards motions, concentrating on any areas of concern such as the eye contour or the chin and jaw to boost lymphatic drainage. There are plenty of tools out there to assist in facial oil application but we still think it's hard to beat using your trusty ol' hands. 


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