Everything you need to know about Beauty Kubes

Everything you need to know about Beauty Kubes

We are thrilled to have recently welcomed Beauty Kubes to Persephone Beauty! Traditional bathing products create a lot of plastic waste and may contain ingredients that are harsh on hair and skin. Beauty Kubes have created a unique solution with their range of vegan-friendly Kubes, that have each step of your bath or shower routine covered! 

How Do I Use the Kubes?

The Shampoo Kubes are available in varying formulas for oily hair and for normal to dry hair, depending on your hair type. To use this solid shampoo, crush one Kube between wet hands and apply to wet hair, adding more water to create a luxurious lather. Gently massaging the product into the scalp cleanses away dirt and oils without leaving your scalp feeling too squeaky clean or stripped.

Alternatively opt for the multi-purpose Shampoo and Body Wash Kubes; specially formulated to cleanse both hair and skin. Use similarly to the Shampoo Kubes, and use the lather to wash the body as well. The added organic coconut milk works to condition and lock in moisture to the hair, scalp and body

Follow with the Hair Conditioner Kubes, taking one or two and crushing them between hands, one by one. Add a little bit of water and rub hands together firmly to make a white paste. Smooth over the hair, focussing on the ends, to leave every strand soft and shiny. Easy.

Why Do We Love Them?

Beauty Kubes are all manufactured, mostly by hand, in Cornwall, UK. They use biodegradable cardboard packaging to reduce unnecessary plastic, lots of which ends up discarded or in landfill, even if they’re recyclable. 

All of the Kubes are vegan-friendly, and formulated using natural ingredients with natural benefits, rather than chemically-derived additives. All of the Kubes we carry are free from plastics and palm oil, and are wrapped in a compostable film made of cellulose wood pulp. Beauty Kubes let you cut plastic out of your routine without compromising on clean, shiny hair and moisturised skin - win win!

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