Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Christmas is just around the corner, which usually means it's time to figure out what to buy for parents, friends, colleagues and a whole host of other people. Perhaps you’re incredibly organised and have managed to get your shopping done in October (well done you), but if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift with just a few weeks to spare then this post is made for you!

Here’s a carefully chosen selection of our top products to help you take the guesswork out of gift-giving! Don’t forget, everything you see here and in our shop is 100% natural and ethically sourced, meaning you can also do your bit to help our planet with every purchase you make (which we feel is especially important at this wasteful time of year!)

MOA The Green Balm

...for the practical person

This incredible multi-purpose balm is powered by Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), which has been used for centuries to soothe, heal and repair. Combined with tea tree oil (nature’s antiseptic), this handy balm is an essential addition to your first aid kit, handbag, bathroom cupboard, and pretty much your life in general!

We love how this balm can have so many different uses; soothing dry skin and lips, healing cuts and grazes, you can even apply it to sore noses for immediately relief if you’re down with a cold or flu! An absolute must-have in anyone’s Christmas stocking...

Neighbourhood Botanicals Big Strong Man

...for the man in your life

Big Strong Man is your go-to hero product for a daily hit of facial hydration; it can soothe irritation and razor burn after a shave, strengthen the skin, and even nourish a beard (that’s how I use this!).

The blend of oils leave your skin balanced without the slightest hint of greasiness, making it perfect for all skin types. Easy to apply, fast to absorb and stylish packaging to boot, this is the perfect natural skincare product for husbands, dads, grandfathers, uncles and so on…!

Evolve Miracle Mask

...for the lover of vegan luxuries

This mask is a ray of sunshine in our skincare routines, and perfect for those looking to recreate the luxury spa experience in their own bathroom! Naturally scented with a balanced fruity aroma combined with the rich sweetness of sugar canes, this mask is the perfect addition to any deluxe pampering session and leave your skin feeling smooth and radiant. Oh, and it’s 100% Vegan!

We’re a big fan of this brand - everything is handmade in England in small batches which help preserve efficacy and freshness of each product. It’s all vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly, smells delicious, and has gorgeous apothecary-style packaging that will take pride of place in your bathroom cabinet!

UpCircle Coffee Body Scrub with Peppermint

...for the waste-conscious consumer

Say sayonara to mass-produced shower gift sets, and bye-bye to wasteful body washes! Make your showers more sustainable with the UpCircle Coffee Body Scrub range, unlocking the awesome power of repurposed coffee granules to rejuvenate your skin.

The coffee grounds help buff away dead skin cells and leave skin glowing and shea butter leaves the skin feeling smooth and nourished. Plus, the infusion of peppermint and eucalyptus oils stimulate the senses and generally smell ahhhh-mazing! UpCircle is dedicated to minimising waste and maximising your skincare, and is a perfect present for those moving towards a more sustainable routine.

For a limited time only, you can buy two UpCircle scrubs and get a free tube squeezer key (to help you get even more out of your scrubs!) Add them to your bag and use the code KEY at checkout.

MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion

...for the person who needs some quiet time

We get it - sometimes we just need to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and drift away into a dreamworld for a little bit.

With that in mind, MOA’s Fortifying Green Bath potion is perfect for unwinding and taking some time out to relax. This unique blend of organic and vegan ingredients helps to stimulate the mind and body, whilst fighting muscle pain and physical fatigue, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on whatever else the day brings you!

Neighbourhood Botanicals I Was A Teenage Hand Model

...for the person who's always on the go

Sometimes it’s tough to find time to take care of ourselves in our busy routines - that’s why I Was A Teenage Hand Model by Neighbourhood Botanicals is perfect for on-the-go skincare. Treat your hard-working hands to a hydration hit!

This rich cream is a unique blend of oatmeal, mango and shea butter which quickly soothes irritation and melts into your skin when applied. Packaged in a very stylish tin, this hand balm is a perfect plastic-free addition to your handbag, giving you luxurious hands at any place and any time of day.

Balmkind Alpine Rose & Lysine Lip Balm | Christmas Tree

...for the perfect stocking filler

Discover Balmkind’s Alpine Rose & Lysine Lip Balm this Christmas, packaged in a cute-yet-enchanting 3D Christmas tree.

The multi award-winning Alpine Rose & Lysine Lip Balm is an indulgent lip moisturiser, rich in antioxidants to protect the delicate skin. All you need to do is apply to your lips throughout the day for an instant hydration hit, or add on a bit extra and leave to soak overnight for a more intensive treatment.

This balm is an essential in these harsh winter months and gives you next level lip-care that fits in your pocket; the perfect gift for anyone this Christmas (or you can hang it on your tree!)

Do you have any questions about our products? Need some skincare advice? Or just want to have some festive chit-chat? Head over to our Instagram to get in touch or send us an email.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year, from the Persephone Beauty team x

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