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Best Face Oil - Persephone's Picks

Dry skin?
Acne breakouts?
Oily skin and clogged pores?

Don't panic - Persephone has got you covered! We cut straight to the chase and talk through our best natural facial oils, perfect for all skin types and worthy additions to your skincare routine. Here's 3 products we are in love with at the moment: 


MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil



It's time to reveal your skin's inner goddess glow with the Aphrodite Facial Oil, a gentle blend that's designed to maintain skin's health on a daily basis. A few drops massaged into the skin every day wards off any signs of premature ageing. Rich in Vitamin A & C to help regenerate the skin as well as Damask Rose to reduce any redness and hydrate the skin, this is one divine oil... 


Neighbourhood Botanicals The Daily Glow



Are you always on the quest for a glowing complexion? Well, the Daily Glow is the product you've been looking for. A citrus scent wakes up skin and the mind during a morning application, and the lightweight texture makes this the ideal base for any makeup or it's perfect to wear alone for a natural glow. The secret ingredients? Kukui seed oil hydrates the skin without ever feeling greasy and Moringa seed oil calms the skin and reveals a revitalised complexion. 


Skin & Tonic Detox Beauty Oil



When skin is feeling a little congested or like it needs to be balanced, the Detox Beauty Oil is our go-to, and co-founder Chris' favourite morning skincare pick. Designed to treat any existing blemishes, the oil blend also works to naturally control skin's sebum production; jojoba oil brings harmony back to the skin and makes sure any dry patches are hydrated whilst any oily patches are smooth. With added bergamot essential oil to reduce blemishes, it's a skin-saviour. 

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