A Plastic-Free Beauty Routine

A Plastic-Free Beauty Routine

It's never been easier than it currently is to utilise A Plastic-Free Beauty Routine. There are no compromises in terms of product efficacy, but thanks to an increase in customer demand (thanks guys!), brands are utilising different materials to make sure that you can love the planet and love your skin, simultaneously. 


Shampoo bars aren't necessarily something new, but (trust me) they've gotten a lot better in the last couple of years. If your experience of shampoo bars left your locks knotty in the past, then get ready to discover low-waste haircare without any compromises. Through our extensive testing, we discovered Kind2 - their shampoo bars leave hair shiny and nourished, whilst their conditioner bar is a dry hair saviour. One bar is the equivalent to two plastic bottles! Not sure how to use a shampoo bar? Wet your hair, lather up the bar in your hands and stroke it across hair for five or six swipes. Then, use your finger tips to massage the product in before rinsing and enjoying. Same goes for conditioner, too - swipe the bar across your hair, paying attention to the ends before massaging in gently and rinsing. 

Body Care

One of the easiest categories to switch in some plastic-free options, from soap bars to deodorants and even razors (more on that soon...). Soap bars are readily packaged in cardboard sleeves, which can easily be recycled with your usual household waste. Once done, the soap bar is gone too. The Elsa's Organics Deodorants come packaged in aluminium, which is quickly & infinitely recycled once done. 


Traditionally, skincare is quite plastic-heavy. There's no avoiding it, because the material serves its purpose through being cost-effective, easy to transport and a safe container to keep products clean. Pioneering brands like UpCircle are using glass and aluminium to package their skincare (we love the Cleansing balm), as well as Neighbourhood Botanicals' recent launch, an entirely compostable Konjac Sponge. Additionally, one of our brands, Evolve, uses glass packaging heavy within their range, with recycled cardboard sleeves and plastic lids which are made from 100% recycled plastic. 


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