Four self-care beauty rituals

Four self-care beauty rituals

Practicing self-care is essential to look after our wellbeing. Set aside some time to do something that makes you happy, whether that’s going for a walk, reading a new book or binge watching your favourite TV show. Finding time to recharge allows us to de-stress our minds and bodies and can even increase our productivity. We have suggested four self-care rituals you could consider incorporating into your next self-care Sunday, or in the evening after a busy day to help bring a moment of peace.

You’ll find that most of these products contain lavender oil as it’s recognised for its relaxing properties and its ability to alleviate stress and anxiety, making it the perfect companion to help you unwind after a long day. It’s one of the most popular essential oils that is recommended to use if you have sleep problems too as it's known to improve sleep quality and provide you with that good night’s sleep you’re looking for. If you’re not a fan of lavender or you have an allergy to it, we’ve also chosen some lavender-free products that you can use instead to relax and unwind with.

Soak in a relaxing bath

What better way to start your self-care evening than with a long soak in a warm bath to wash away the stresses of the day? MOA Dreamy Mineral Soak features the perfect combination of lavender and cardamom to de-stress your mind and body and prepare you for a blissful night’s sleep. It also uses Himalayan pink salt which is packed full of essential minerals to leave skin refreshed and hydrated. The therapeutic and healing benefits of salt baths have been praised for thousands of years, these include detoxing and rejuvenating the body, alongside easing aches and pains. Salt baths are also effective at encouraging relaxation by calming nerves which can help you to sleep better. Another one of our favourite products to use in our pre-bedtime bath is the Beauty Kubes Bath Kube in Unwind. The bath kube provides a citrus and floral scent thanks to the delightful combination of grapefruit and rose geranium essential oils. The vegan ingredients are rich in nutrients to deeply nourish skin, leaving it feeling super soft. For an ultimate bath time ritual, pair with a hand-poured calming candle, blended using natural ingredients to create a truly indulgent ambience. 

Exfoliate with a body scrub 

Gently buff away dead skin cells with a sustainable UpCircle Coffee Body Scrub to reveal brighter and softer skin without drying it out. The repurposed coffee grounds combined with Cacao provides antioxidant protection, stimulates blood flow and means nothing goes to waste, so it’s kind to skin and the planet! The shea butter will leave your skin feeling super smooth, ensuring it isn’t dry or irritated.

Use a face mask

A self-care ritual wouldn’t be complete without a face mask that provides skin with all the essentials and does all the hard work whilst we take ten to fifteen minutes to relax. After cleansing our face we love to follow up with the Five Dot Botanics Pure Rewind Restorative Mask. The clay mask refreshes dull skin and the lavender oil soothes stressed-out skin, including breakouts. The natural essential oils used in the face mask have fantastic therapeutic benefits for both our skin and minds, so take some time to unwind and enjoy the delightful lavender aroma, sure to make you feel instant relaxation.

Apply a facial oil or night treatment

We love to finish our self-care skincare routine with a facial oil or night treatment that we know will work hard overnight to provide us with noticeable results the following morning. Wake up to glowing, plump skin with the Neighbourhood Botanicals Dream Dream Dream which rejuvenates and replenishes the skin overnight. We love massaging a few drops onto our face in the evening and inhaling the calming lavender aroma to create a relaxing state of mind, not to mention it helps us drift off into a peaceful sleep easier too. Alternatively, you can enhance your beauty sleep with the MOA Queen Of The Night Treatment which is designed to restore skin overnight with a blend of organic botanical extracts packed full of antioxidants. It aims to deeply nourish your skin and leave it intensely hydrated.

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