3 Easy Eco Swaps to Make This Earth Day

3 Easy Eco Swaps to Make This Earth Day

The truth is, some sustainable switches take more work than others. Going vegan. Vowing to be plastic-free. Never flying again. These are the sorts of huge lifestyle changes that are likely to have a pretty big impact on daily life.

However, as every member of our team has transitioned towards being more eco-conscious, we’ve all realised that there are some sustainable switches that don’t really take much work! We’d actually go as far as saying that they are easy.

In honour of World Earth Day and taking any excuse to chat about sustainability, it seemed only right for us to sit down and share three of them with you.

Eco Swap 1: Opt for shampoo and conditioner bars

According to Condor, “There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic waste estimated to be in our oceans.

The personal care industry is a massive polluter, with enough packaging to make an environmentalist feel a little bit sick.

One of the easiest ways to make your beauty routine more sustainable is to stop buying bottles and opt for bars instead! For example, swap liquid soap and shower gels for soap bars. We’ve extensively tested a variety of soap bars and have our absolute favourites from UpCircle available to buy. They’re completely plastic-free, with 100% recyclable packaging. Check out Kind2's fantastic plastic-free shampoo and conditioners too. 

Eco Swap 2: Invest in reusable produce bags

We get it. Getting your weekly shop is a total minefield when it comes to trying to be low-waste. However, start small and just focus on your fruits and veggies. Everything from tomatoes and potatoes, to apples and oranges come wrapped in plastic bags these days.

So, invest in some reusable produce bags like these. Buy your fruits and veggies loose and pop them in these bags which can be washed and used repeatedly, instead of the thin plastic ones that many supermarkets provide.

Eco Swap 3: Ditch the face wipes

Did you know that a lot of makeup wipes actually contain plastic? That means that they stay on the earth in landfill for many years to come.

For a cleanse that is much more effective at removing makeup and daily dirt, whilst also being less wasteful, opt for a sustainable cleanser alongside a reusable flannel or muslin to wash it off. We also love the Neighbourhood Botanical’s Konjac sponge as a reusable and biodegradable cleansing option.


Written by Bethany Austin

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