UpCircle Safety Razor Refill Pack
UpCircle Safety Razor Refill Pack

UpCircle Safety Razor Refill Pack

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Using an UpCircle safety razor is a fantastic alternative to traditional single-use plastic razors. You can keep the same razor for years and simply replace the blade, without contributing to plastic consumption. This pack contains 10 replacement blades.

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Using an UpCircle safety razor is an excellent low-waste alternative to disposable razors, so stock up on spare blades to keep your skin silky smooth and to ensure a super close shave.


Carefully unwrap paper from the blades and remove the blade from the paper by holding the short straight sides. Load the blade onto the handle. For best results, shave in the direction of hair growth.


  • The reusable UpCircle Safety Razor will help you get closer to your plastic-free bathroom goals
  • The razor itself will last for years - just simply replace the blade when needed
  • This pack provides 10 extra replacement blades.


Store used blades in a space place, away from children.

Important to note - the Safety Razor is an Age Restricted Item.

It is illegal in the UK to purchase razor blades and razors when under the age of 18 and so by placing an order for this product you are confirming that you are over 18.


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