Searching for the perfect gift for Mother's Day, or for yourself...? Is it time to catch up on your beauty sleep? Discover The Dreamers Bundle for a seriously good night's sleep and, of course, dreamy skin. We've bundled together two beautiful body products, bringing you a serious saving and also introducing you to new natural beauty brands. Firstly cleanse skin with the Skin & Tonic Calm Clean, a soothing and ultra-gentle melting balm cleanser that leaves skin nourished and relaxed. Then massage in a few drops of Neighbourhood Botanicals Dream Dream Dream oil - let the ingredients get to work at replenishing the skin whilst you rest and relax. 

The Dreamers Bundle contains:

Skin & Tonic Calm Clean

Neighbourhood Botanicals Dream Dream Dream


Details on Calm Clean:

Cleanse the skin gently without any irritation with Calm Clean. Melt away the stresses of the day and reveal a soothed complexion thanks to the nourishing ingredients; skin is left soothed with increased elasticity. The little pot of calming cleanser only has seven ingredients, but don't let that fool you... Calm Clean manages to leave skin feeling incredibly soothed, nourished and relaxed. Comes with a free Skin & Tonic organic cotton face cloth.

Details on Dream Dream Dream:

Give skin a helping hand to look and feel its best with the (oh so dreamy) Dream Dream Dream facial oil. Perfect for all skin types, the plush texture is a moment of calm for the skin at the end of another busy day. Taking the time to massage in a few drops lets you unwind and relax. Now, it’s time to hit the hay and let Dream Dream Dream do all the work for you as you snooze; wake up to visibly plumper and replenished skin.


Editor’s notes:

We've put together a very limited bundle, saving you money and bringing you some dreamy product pairings. Save £6 on this bundle - once it's gone, it's gone. 

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