Easily lift, tone and define your facial muscles with The Sculptor. The ergonomic shape of the rose quartz gua sha makes it incredibly easy to give yourself an effective at-home facial massage that boosts the circulation and leaves your complexion luminous. With regular use muscles are left tightened and your jawline and cheekbones are more readily defined. The Sculptor also encourages lymphatic drainage (this helps to increase the natural flow of lymph in the body, which makes reducing toxins more effective). 


Key ingredients:

Rose Quartz not only looks beautiful but is known as a powerful crystal of love. The quartz feels refreshingly cold on the skin, as well as being packed with minerals including magnesium and iron to help reduce skin's inflammation. 


How To Use:

On freshly cleansed skin, apply a generous amount of your favourite facial oil or moisturiser. Apply firm strokes across the face - always working from the centre of your face outwards towards the hairline or in a downwards sweeping motion. Use the ridged edge of The Sculptor to help lift and define under the cheekbones, jawlines and brow bone. Rinse off after use and dry, ready for your next facial massage session. 


Perfectly shaped to hug the contours of your face, The Sculptor is a powerful skincare tool that helps to relax the mind, melt away any stress or tensions and leave your complexion rejuvenated and radiant. Used as part of a skincare ritual, your facial muscles are left toned, defined and lifted.

Created by two skincare experts and sisters, Flexi Skin creates beautiful facial tools designed to give you an indulgent pamper at home. Using carefully sourced rose quartz, The Sculptor and The Roller are a beautiful addition to a skincare ritual, with transformative results.

Rose Quartz

The Sculptor is safe for use on all skin types. We recommend adding it into your evening skincare routine three times a week to start. For a refreshing boost, we like to keep ours in the fridge before use. 

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